AESPE is created in 2017 to unite the companies of the guild and provide information on pressurized water techniques.



AESPE has the main objective of promoting the activity of the water jetting, through the highest security and quality levels.



  • To look after and protect the interests of the water jetting industry in Spain.
  • To set and to promote standards on water jetting techniques.
  • To be involved in and have an impact on health and safety legislation.
  • To be involved in improving the legislation concerning water jetting.
  • To exchange information on techniques, working methods, and training.
  • To maintain contacts with similar organizations in other parts of Europe.


Benefits of being a member

  • To receive the latest information about the water jetting industry (legislation, etc)
  • Ability to participate in related standardization committees.
  • Participation in the governing bodies of the association with voice and vote.
  • Participation in the activities of the association and others where AESPE collaborates.
  • Meeting with directors and the decision–makers of the main companies and institutions of the industry.
  • Identification seal as a company member of AESPE.
  • Own page in the directory of the association, on the website and in other media.
  • Free presence at fairs and other events.
  • Technical and legal advice on water-jetting.
  • Promotion through press releases, newsletters, social networks, and other platforms.


Support by the permanent secretariat of the association.

Membership is open to contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers and other relates companies.

In addition to representing its members, the association maintains close partnerships with several entities.


For more information, feel free to contact us.